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About E. Brooks Wilkins, MD
Dr. WilkinsDr. Wilkins, founder of E. Brooks Family Medicine and ILWM, earned his MD from the University of North Carolina and completed his internship and residency there. He is board certified in Family Practice and has practiced medicine for over 30 years. His personal passion and commitment to addressing obesity drove him to the creation of his wellness institute. Dr Wilkins enjoys spending time with his family and when he is not spending time with his patients, he loves to hang out with his grandchildren.

A Message from Dr. Wilkins
After 30 years of practicing family medicine and interacting with approximately 20,000 patients, I find myself still looking for better ways to provide the most cost-effective treatment options for the most widespread chronic conditions. I have watched conditions-like cardiovascular disease and diabetes-significantly impede the way my patients, family and friends live their lives. No condition has affected me both personally and professionally-like the chronic disease of obesity. Having lost a child-who suffered from obesity-to cancer, having observed many patients who have succumbed to co-morbidities often associated with the disease, I have developed an increasingly strong desire to find a solution to this problem. I believe that we can cost-effectively improve the quality of care for overweight and obese patients. Such an institute would foster the patient's ability to take responsibility for his or her own care and utilizes technological advances to treat obesity. The question of "How do we best combat obesity?" the Institute of Lifestyle and Weight Management is my answer. To learn more about ILWM, please visit it online at

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